Am I An Empath?

If you are an empath, you are the type of person that can feel other people's emotions. You're also hypersensitive to receiving energetic information from other human beings, other people, and possibly even from nature and animals. There's a lot of ways that we can receive energetic information. 

You have a deep understanding of other people’s emotions

When it comes to being an empath, you are more heightened to receiving other people's emotions. You're naturally inclined to heal others and help ease their pain. You naturally find a way to help coach people. This is something that just comes to you because you can feel what they're going through. 

You are hypersensitive to shifts in other people's energy

When you deeply feel everyone's emotions, even the subtlest shifts can affect you readily. We get extremely overwhelmed because we feel so deeply and so much that we tend to hold on to a lot of negative vibrations. 

The way to shift this is to practice letting go of old trauma, to practice letting go of hurtful words that we may have heard in the past. To show up differently for your life as an empath, train yourself to let go of all of the energy that no longer serves you. This process is extremely important.  

You are hyperaware

Empath hypersensitivity may show up in your life in many ways. You may be sensitive to foods, other chemicals in your environment, even clutter in your space. You might be also sensitive to colors and other vibrations in your environment.

This is actually a gift because it allows you to be very crystal clear on what you choose to accept into your environment and what you choose to let go of in your environment.

Accepting your gift as an empath

Being an empath is by no means a curse. Having the gift of hyperawareness allows you to check in on yourself and other people. Some people go entire lifetimes without checking in with themselves, they end up getting to the end of their life and they wonder what it was all for. 

So be grateful for this beautiful system naturally embedded in you as an empath. It’s time to shift what you're thinking. It's time to shift how you're feeling. Understand that the only thing that you can control in your life is how you choose to show up and how you choose to feel every single day.


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