How to Channel Your Spirit Guides

podcast Sep 10, 2021

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What I covered in this episode:
  1. Manifestation is not a 1x or 1x/day magic trick. It's the embodiment of a higher version of yourself.
  2. How to communicate with your spirit guides. It's a process and skill set to build with time.
  3. How to develop your intuition and detect the right answer.
  4. Why someone may only be able to see other people's spirit guides in readings but not their own, and how to shift so that you can see your own spirit guides.
  5. How to deal with lower vibration spirit guides and clear your space. The importance of not attempting to help desperate spirits. Only channel high-level spirit guides.
Links I mentioned in the episode:
House Clearing Ceremony (you can find it inside The Metaphysical Download Library under Intuition Guides):
Guided Meditations to Meet Your Spirit Guides quickly (I recommend the Spirit Guide Bundle):
If you want to master channeling and manifestation you can learn about and join Step into Your Power Academy through my free masterclass:
Scholarships are now available for Step into Your Power Academy for those who are willing to participate in my case study program:

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