7 Lessons in Manifestation

I’ve found that understanding the science behind your divine soul is a really important subject to teach, because when you understand the science behind quantum physics, about how the world works, how the universe works, and the energy behind manifestation, it helps give you a very clear picture in your mind of how all of this stuff is actually real.

Some people just teach the spiritual side of it and focus all on feelings (which is great and absolutely necessary!).

But for all of us who have a very logical mindset, understanding the science behind manifestation and your divine soul is super helpful.

For me, it just grounds me more and more in the belief that everything is energy, and we have the power to create whatever we want in our lives through our intention, thoughts, and energy.


Lesson One: Everything is literally energy; You are primarily energy


The mind actually tricks us into believing that we are separate. That we are separate from other people. That we are separate from other tangible objects in this physical world. This is how the ego keeps us down.

But in reality, everything is composed of vibrational energy and connected in an invisible field of energy.

When you look into quantum physics, and we breakdown... let’s say the body, for example, into its smallest particles of atoms. You’d look into your microscope and see that the actual mass, the actual physical matter that’s there, is less than 1% of what exists in any given atom or molecule.

This means that the majority, 99% of what exists is actually just a vibration. It’s a wavelength, a frequency, it’s an energy, it’s something that is pulsating, and has life to it. It’s a life force.

In reality, physical matter like your body, your computer, the table in front of you, the walls in your home, and all that physical matter that you interpret with your eyes and physical touch, is actually less than 1% of what exists. Your physical body is just interpreting those things as solid.

What is actually far more real than anything else in existence is the fact that everything is being held together by energy.

Energy is the through-line, it’s the threading, it’s what creates this matrix that we experience this entire world in.

There’s energy in the air. There’s energy in what we see and what we cannot see. This is how radios work. This is how our internet works. There are frequencies that are flowing through the air to power the internet on your cellular phone and to transfer sound to your radio station.

There’s a lot that we can see, and there’s a lot that we can’t see. We’re very limited by the senses of our physical bodies and what we are aware of.

When you start to tap into this reality of energy (which is far more prominent, far more real, and far more of what our actual existence is made of), that is when you experience a whole new level of reality and manifestation.

Because in a very practical way, your emotions, the energy that you feel, and tapping into your intuition, are actually all more real than what you see with your eyes or what you feel with your hands.

We tend to be very caught up in this physical realm, in this physical reality of… “This is my life. This is what I do every day. This is the road I take to work. These are the actions I take. This is how I interact with people and things in my life.” But this is such a small portion of life.

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Lesson Two: Why We Get So Stuck In Physical Reality


It is very common to get stuck in the false reality of, “This is the way my life is, and I can’t change anything.” When we’re stressed, we become much more externally focused than internally focused, which creates the false perception that our external reality is solid and static.

Your brain and body become hyper-aware of your external environment when you’re stressed, in order to protect you from outside harm. This creates the illusion that our outer world is more real than the inner world, simply because it’s where your brain is focused.

Low-grade stress is unfortunately a common way of living that creates a very low vibration and low-level way of living. It’s also typically an unconscious pattern, which means you’re often not aware of it.

When you’re externally focused, you stop tapping into your spiritual energy, your vibration, what’s going on within you mentally and emotionally.

When the mind becomes so focused on less than 1% of that physical reality (the material portion of reality), the mind tricks you into forgetting that what’s actually even more real, more tangible, and more powerful is the 99% of the energy that we feel within us.

That is your divine soul energy!


Lesson Three: Frequency


Energy is not just in your body or in the things that you see. It’s a field of energy. This layer of vibrational energy moves in all directions and encompasses everything in existence.

Energy creates a vibration, and the speed of the vibration determines the frequency.

There are different vibrational frequencies for everything in existence. That’s why certain things are more tangible and rock-solid, while other things are very soft and pliable.

Your energy and frequency are changing by the second depending on how you’re feeling emotionally, and every organ in your body has a slightly different frequency as well in order for it to function properly.

When the levels of vibration change, it means the frequency has changed. These frequencies can easily pass through each other, but if they are vibrating at the same frequency they match and mix together. That’s how one radio signal may cross another radio signal of a different frequency without interfering with each other. When you change the dial, you can tap into different signals, aka. different frequencies. 

This is how we can easily manifest what we want or potentially push what we want away. When you are a vibrational match (vibrating at the same frequency of what you want), you effortlessly attract what you want into your life. When you are out of alignment or radiating at a frequency that doesn’t match what you want, it takes a lot longer to manifest.

You don’t have to be a perfect match 100% of the time, but you do need to hit the tipping point where the majority of the time you are feeling (vibrating) in a state of feeling like you already have what you want.


Lesson Four: You Are Swimming in a Sea of Energy


One way you can imagine this concept is to pretend that you are a fish. You are a fish in the ocean.

Let’s say, you’ve also never come up for air. You’ve never actually jumped out of the water before. You’ve just always been in the water, and that is your reality.  

You don’t know that you’re in the water, because there’s nothing that you’re comparing it to. The water is all around you, you’re breathing it in and out, it’s within you, and it gives you life.

You’re in this sea of water as a fish, and you don’t even know that you’re separate from that water. You’re in it. It’s your reality.

This is similar to how we are within the field of energy. We’re sitting in this sea of energy. But there’s no actual way to jump out of it; we’re just in it all the time.

When you’re not aware of your energy, when you’re not going inward, not quieting the mind chatter, not feeling the energy within your body and outside of your body, then sometimes you feel a disconnect from it. You ignore the energy within you, and your brain tricks you into thinking that it’s not there or that it’s not valuable.

You forget how important energy is.

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Lesson Five: Energy Moves Everything


If there’s one thing you take away from this article... energy is what moves everything! Energy moves matter.

When we break it down... the energy, the feelings, and the emotions that you have in your body, that is what actually moves matter.

That’s where the law of attraction comes in...

How you feel energetically shift the cells in your physical body and is what will attract things to your external environment.

If you’re sick, if you’re unhealthy, or if you’re unhappy, that is going to change the physical matter in your body. It’s going to cause you to put on more weight. It may give you headaches, skin irritations, or digestive issues. It will also attract negative things around you. Your thoughts and emotions literally make you sick.

The good thing is that your happy thoughts, healthy habits, and positive thinking also work for you in an amazing way. It keeps you feeling good and attracting wonderful people, things, and experiences in your life. This is the power of manifestation!

We create reality not only within ourselves but outside ourselves through this divine energetic system.

The more you realize that you are connected to everything in existence and not separate from anything, you realize that you have the power of the universe within you.

You can draw anything into your life with energy and intention.

And better yet… you’re already connected to everything you could ever want!

All those big dreams and visions that you have, you are already connected to it.

There is no separation between you and what you want.

The only reason why you think there is separation is that you are focusing on the external reality of your world instead of focusing on the energetic divine connection.

The more you are focused on being in energetic alignment with everything that you want, the faster you draw it into your life. The faster it is attracted to you. It becomes this vortex of energy that draws in everything that you want.

It’s time to stop the bad habit of seeing everything as separate from you, and start seeing everything as connected to you.

If you continue believing things like, “My wealth is separate from me. The ideal partner that I’ve always wanted is separate from me. The perfect health is so far away from me right now,” you will continue to experience separation from what you want. 

When we see ourselves as separate from all the things that we want in our life, we project the energy frequency of separation and lack, which attracts more separation and lack through the law of attraction. It will take longer to attract what you want into your life. It’s always going to be in the future and take a lot longer to manifest in your present reality.

But, if you can start to change and shift energetically how you feel on an emotional level and on an energetic level, you then become a perfect match to that perfect health or for that perfect partner by embracing this sense of oneness, a sense of connection, a sense of love, respect, honor, and belief that everything you want is already yours. 

So if you feel like you are lost or you feel disconnected, just remember that you are a divine soul. You are connected to everything in existence and to everything that you have ever wanted. Separation is just an illusion of the mind.


Lesson Six: You Are Interconnected to Divine Intelligent


Your soul is made of divine intelligence. There is a greater intelligence, a creator.

Isn’t it amazing how our body just naturally breathes and heals itself?

When you get a cut in your finger or when you break a bone, there is intelligence inside of us that heals. Whoever or whatever created us and our world designed an amazing matrix of intelligent order.

We see this intelligence in nature. We see it all around us. Life just intuitively knows how to create, how to grow, how to live, how to manifest, and how to heal.

This wisdom is in every cell of your body. This is how you are able to connect intuitively. You have the divine intelligence running through every cell of your body and vibrating in this continuous field of energy that is all that exists.

I realize this is starting to go deep into the rabbit hole but hang in there just a little longer. This next section is powerful!

If you feel like this is a foreign subject for you like this is not something that you have never thought about before or you look at other people and think, “Hey, they are really intuitive, they are super connected energetically, but that’s just not me.” The truth is... it is you!

You have the ability just like anyone else on this planet to be intuitive, to be energetically connected, and to manifest anything that you want in this world. You have that divine intelligence within you just like everyone else does.

There is no difference between you and someone who just happens to be more connected to their energetic level. They’ve just been focusing their attention on energy more frequently than you.

All it takes is just a little bit of practice.

Start to notice the energy running through your body.

Start to notice how you can feel the energy radiating slightly outside of your body.

Start to notice that you can take your energy and expand it out even further to the walls of the room that you are in right now.

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Tapping into your energetic divine connection is just a practice in focusing your mind, in focusing where your awareness is.

The more you start to connect to space, the more you start to connect to the energy, and the more you start to realize that the energetic field is more real and more powerful than the physical world that you’re perceiving with your eyes, you will find that it allows you to tap into this divine power for guidance and for manifestation. 

By shifting your energy and improving your emotional state, you become more intentional and aware of what you are creating.

By acknowledging your divine soul connection, you will get clarity on your life.

It will help you improve your health. You’ll start to feel happier. You’ll develop deeper relationships with your friends, family, co-workers, and the people around you.

You’re going to start to feel more connected to everyone and everything on the planet and to everything in this universe instead of feeling disconnected and lonely.

 You’ll be amazed how suddenly you’ll get creative ideas that lead you down a path to greater fulfillment. A path for designing a life that you’ve always dreamed of, and for having miraculous experiences that are beyond your wildest dreams (even better than anything you could have dreamed of).

You’ll start building amazing, unexpected relationships that lead you to a whole new way of living.

If you tend to get stressed, feel overwhelmed, you feel stuck, things are just kind of the same all of the time, or you feel like your life is not really progressing in the way you would like it to, you might be too focused on your physical reality (which is less than 1%) and not focusing enough on how you’re showing up energetically (which is the 99%).

To change this old way of being and get reconnected, you can start with a simple meditation. You just building that connection and relationship with the divine intelligence that is always there with you.


Lesson Seven: Connect with the Divine Daily


Start by spending five minutes a day (or more - I like to meditate 20-45 minutes 1-2x a day) in a simple meditation where you focus your attention on the energy flowing through your body. You don’t need to over-analyze it. Just notice it. 

If you start to think thoughts instead of feeling energy, just be patient with yourself and bring your focus back to your energy, away from your thoughts.

It’s normal to have thoughts invade your meditation practice, but with practice, the space between your thoughts will get longer and longer. That’s when the magic starts to happen! 

You can progress to focusing your attention from the energy in your body to energy radiating out of your body and then out into the Universe.

During this process, quiet your mind and do your best to maintain your focus on the feeling of energetic connection.

The longer you spend connecting to that divine intelligence, the more deeply you go with this practice, and the more doors will open in your life. You will experience more ease, more flow, and more miracles in your life and the world around you.

Consistency is the key to building a new habit and a stronger connection. Just like anything else you learn, it takes time and practice.

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I hope you found a deeper understanding of who you truly are and how divinely connected, intelligent, and intuitive you are. You are a divine soul, and I am so excited to hear about the miracles happening in your life.

In love and light,



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