Purpose and Success with Monica Vallero

abundance podcast Oct 06, 2020

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Monica Vallero was born and raised in Treviso, Italy. An actress, comedian, and filmmaker who moved to the United States 10 years ago with no money, no English, but with a big dream. She wanted to inspire and help people with storytelling. Today, with many movies and TV shows under her belt, a career as a stand-up comedian, and many other projects she wrote and produced, she realized that her purpose was much bigger.

She wanted not only to inspire the world but also really wanted to help people to transform their lives, giving them freedom, showing them what’s possible and to defeat the ‘impossible’. So she became a clinical hypnotherapist and success coach, using all the tools to empower her clients to live the life of their dreams.

Her sensitivity, intuition, and experience, brought her to have a lot of success with her clients all around the world, in English and in Italian.

So now she makes magic not just on screen but in real life too, shattering all the fears and blocks that prevent us from getting a healthy and happy life we all deserve.

Monica's Website: https://www.monicavallero.com/

Monica's Instagram: @monicavallero

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