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blog law of attraction Nov 08, 2020

A soulmate is someone you reincarnate with multiple times. You've had multiple lifetimes with that person with very deep connections—and you're here to do a lot of soul work together.

But not everyone experiences a twin flame soulmate in every single lifetime. Instead, many of us are meant for serial monogamous relationships where you learn and grow from every long term relationship that you have. But some of us are very lucky to experience what a twin flame soulmate is like. And I'm here to just give you an idea of what that feels like.

There is an intuitive nudge 

Often there's some sort of intuitive nudge. This could be something like someone was really pushing you to go to a party that you didn't really feel like going to that night but you went anyway and you happen to meet them. Or for some reason, you decided to go to a different coffee shop one day than you normally go to.

You feel a certain aura around them

Often when you meet your twin flame soulmate, there is going to be an aura around them. For me, it was as if the clouds literally parted and the sun was just shining down the moment he walked in the door. It was like this instant feeling and sensation where I was so overwhelmed by his presence by his energy. When you meet your twin flame soulmate for the first time, it may be that kind of experience where you're almost like you feel a little woozy.

There is a sense of familiarity

You feel as if you've known this person for a really long time. You have deep connections. When you talk, things just flow. It's as if you've had many lifetimes or you've known them for a really long time. It’s this soul connection where it feels as if they've been side by side with you for many years and many lifetimes.

The relationship tends to feel very easy

When you're together, you often don’t even feel like you have to explain yourself because you tend to think a lot of the same things most of the time. You’re on the same page with a lot of things. There’s not a lot of bumps in the road. It's a very smooth relationship.

But understand that when you're in a twin flame soulmate relationship, you're not meant to just have a smooth ride all the time. Arguments will happen, challenges will happen. But overall, on the day to day, there's not a lot of bickering. You may have some karmic contracts where there are some big obstacles that you're actually meant to work through throughout your relationship.

Things don’t get stale

As time passes in the relationship, things don't really get stale. When you're with them for the most part, it's as if you're still in that honeymoon phase. There's still excitement, a spark. And you're so excited to share each of these different daily moments and different milestones in your relationship together because they are the person that you love doing everything with.


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