3 Reasons The Law of Attraction Isn't Working For You

There's a lot of tips and tricks out there that we can do to start to make the law of attraction work for us. If you've been working with the law of attraction for a while and you aren't getting results, or you're brand new to the law of attraction and you want to manifest some great things in your life.

So we're going to talk about the big things that I see people aren't doing that could accelerate their manifestation abilities so much faster. I really think you're going to love this episode.

Reason 1: You send out mixed signals to the universe

Sometimes we think that everything has to happen in a certain way and in a certain timing—but the universe doesn't work that way. The universe has its own divine timing for everything. And when you start to doubt or question if it's on its way, you are sending out mixed signals to the universe.

The way the law of attraction works is you need to be an energetic match to what you want to manifest. If you have big dreams, you need to be in a state of alignment. You need to believe with every cell in your body that what you want to manifest is already yours. If you believe, you would not doubt yourself.

All this is easier said than done, so what's the trick for making that happen? How do you get into alignment? The answer is retraining your subconscious mind.

Your brain is part of you that is tangible. Your subconscious mind includes the larger portion of your brain. It includes every cell in your whole body. Your subconscious mind is everything. It is all the energy that is vibrating through you. There's a lot of ways to retrain the subconscious mind. The best time to reprogram is when you are in a deeply relaxed state.

Reason 2: You’re focusing on the wrong thing

Maybe you think you want a mansion or a soulmate. But actually, that's not true. What you really want to manifest is the emotion behind it. The reason you want that physical, tangible object is that you think you are going to feel differently. You think you're going to suddenly be happier, that you're suddenly going to feel free. But that’s not the way the law of attraction works.

What you need is to focus on feeling like you have these things already. If you want a soulmate to fill the void, you need to feel full love for yourself and for everything in your life. You need to feel whole and complete as an individual. That soulmate will only come to you when you are an energetic match.

If you start focusing on the feeling you want to create instead of the tangible object that you want to create, things will manifest faster.

Reason 3: You’re not following your intuition

A lot of the things that we want to manifest, we have to meet with action. Opportunities present themselves every single day for you. But if you're not paying attention to when those intuitive nudges come through for you, then you're missing out on the opportunity to actually be in the manifestation process.

Intuitive nudges can come through in a wide variety of ways. They can come through as visions, ideas in your head, advice, even feeling. If the universe is giving you all these signs, you better listen so you will be able to manifest things faster.


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