Manifesting from All Levels of Your Being | Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

If you truly want to master the law of attraction, then you must focus on healing all four core areas of your being--the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of you. We can all manifest miracles when you raise your vibration on all levels of your being. Manifestation is just as much about releasing negativity and doing shadow work to clear emotional blocks through mindset, meditation, and your spiritual self. Even the physical work of taking action and clearing your body of physical blockages that Anthony William the Medical Medium teaches will open you up to manifesting more. You have the ability to tap into greater intuition and healing vibes through the layers of work I teach in this episode and my Soul Mastery School courses.

In This Episode:

  • The importance of addressing all levels of your being to fully master manifestation
  • Why you might be struggling with manifestation if you're missing one of the 4 categories of your being
  • How your manifestations are affected by your mindset, thoughts, words, and belief systems
  • The importance of noticing, properly processing, and training your emotional body to be in alignment with your manifestations
  • How your physical health, body, toxins, and actions are affecting your manifestations
  • The essentials in how your soul plays a part in your manifestations and following your intuition




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