How to Properly Manifest Using Scripting + Tips & Templates

If you want to know how to manifest using scripting, watch this episode for scripting manifestation examples. The law of attraction works well when you know how to utilize these tools. Most people don't know how to journal & manifest anything using scripting. Techniques for how to properly manifest anything using scripting are actually fairly simple, and I share with you my top 10 tips and templates in this episode. These are simple steps to manifest anything using scripting.

In This Episode:

  • 1) Use positively stated phrases and words instead of negatively stated statements. Example: avoid the word “debt” or say “I am happy” instead of “I don’t want to be sad”
  • 2) Avoid the phrase “I Want” because there’s an unconscious association with “not having it”
  • 3) Write your statements in the present tense, such as “I am”
  • 4) Use phrases that encourage your certainty and belief in what you’re manifesting, such as “I am certain that…” or “I trust that you will bring me the best in unexpected ways”
  • 5) Focus your desires on what’s for the greatest good and not things that are pure to feed the ego, such as “For the highest and best good of all” or “This or something better”
  • 6) Use transitional openings when you’re feeling emotionally disconnected from the positive statement: I’m in the process of…, I’m on my way to…, It’s possible for me…, I can…, I will…
  • 7) Avoid using too many details if overwhelms you or make you rigid on what and how you’re going to receive manifestation wise
  • 8) Make sure you feel deep emotions with your scripting and affirmations. It should make you so happy you smile, laugh, cry, giggle, or feel blissful. Hold that feeling as long as you can and often throughout the day.
  • 9) In the evening and mornings your mind is primed in alpha and theta brain wave states to absorb new belief systems and affirmation
  • 10) You must believe 100% that your manifestations will be yours no matter how long it takes to receive it





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