Why Empaths Feel Bad and How To Change It

Why EMPATHS Feel Bad and How To CHANGE IT

Being an empath can be challenging at times if you don't know how to protect yourself as an empath. Having an empath ability naturally gives you psychic abilities. It is possible that you're also a highly sensitive person. Spirituality, self-development, and healing are all essential parts of being empathic. Self-help practices protect your energy as an empath vs highly sensitive person.

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In This Episode:

  • I teach you how to determine if what you're feeling is your emotions or the emotions of other people
  • The importance of letting go of energy from other people and how to step-by-step surrender energies that aren't serving you
  • How your personal unresolved emotional traumas may be affecting what you're feeling and misinterpreted as the feeling you're picking up from others
  • The power of choosing your emotional state every day and taking control of how you want to feel


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