#1 Daily Manifestation Technique

It's one thing to know what the law of attraction is and to understand it comprehensively, but it's another thing to actually apply it. The law of attraction states that like attracts like energy. If you focus your attention on positive things, you’re going to manifest great things quickly into your life. But if you're focusing your attention on negative thoughts, you’re going to push the good stuff away from you.

How do we manifest the things we truly want?

In order to attract the things you desire, it might be a great idea to practice segment intending. Segment intending is where you chunk out your day into sections called segments. For example, one segment could be laying in bed before you start your day; another segment might be walking from your bedroom to the bathroom to brush your teeth; another segment might be going from the bathroom to the kitchen to drink your favorite beverage.

In each of those chunks in a day, choose to focus on gratitude. “I'm so grateful for this bed. It’s so comfortable.” “I'm so grateful for electricity.” “I'm so grateful for my family.”

Then, focus on the things you want to create in that segment. Start to feel really good about it. That’s the most important thing—strong, powerful, wonderful feelings. It's just about being really intentional about how you're showing up for each segment of your life.

You have created everything in your life. How you showed up in the past is what has created your current reality. The reason your life is the way it is today is because of what you did in the past, no matter how way back. If you want to have a better future, you have to show up today differently. It all starts with how you think and feel.


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