Thing we may cover in a session:

(This is not an all inclusive list. Every individual will have their own areas of focus based on their specific needs and interests.)

Mental/emotional blocks, inuition training, manifestation practices, self energy clearing, chakra balancing, dream interpretation, channeling your angel/spirit guides, meditation training, hypnosis, reframing your mindset, subconscious reprogramming, dowsing, money manifestation, sage spirit clearing for your home, healthy lifestyle practices, success habits, goal setting, & accountability.

Facts & Pricing:

Each session is approximately one hour, and I am available for follow-up calls or by email throughout the week if needed.

Calls are conviently held on zoom. This gives us the flexibility of seeing each other face to face while being anywhere in the world.

Single Coaching Session Price: $65

5-Pack Coaching Sessions Price: $310

10-Pack Coaching Sessions Price: $595

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Lizzie Sande ~ Testimonial

Actress, Dancer, YouTuber


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Holistic Nutritionist, Eating Psychologist, and Self-Love Coach


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