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It's time to stop settling & start creating the life & business you've always dreamed of...


Are You Ready To Elevate To The Next Level, In Every Possible Way Imaginable? 

The truth is, there is an easier way to manifesting the life you've always dreamed of...

Are you frustrated with not getting the results you want?

Are you tired of re-living the same year over and over?

You know you're made for more, but you're stuck on getting clarity?

Don't know what action to take next? 

Do you refuse to hold back, shrink down, or play small any longer?

Are you ready for someone to show you the way?

You have probably landed on this page because you are looking to create a positive change in your life & business.

And something has guided you here...

You are ready to listen to the intuition that is telling you that there is an easier way to create life you've always dreamed of.

You are prepared to let your heart lead the way and create the life you deep down crave.


Step into Your Power Academy is Natalie's Signature Course that guides you through a complete life transformation from beginning to end.


I spent years feeling frustrated, stressed, and pushing harder than ever to “make” things happen.

I had been hustling too long trying to make my dream life come true, but I felt like I was just spinning my wheels.

I moved from one business venture to another, never really feeling entirely satisfied with what I was doing. I felt like I just kept failing over and over again.

It was not the life I really wanted. 

Have you felt like this before?

I had spent years reading, researching, and learning about things like the law of attraction, manifestation, and personal development, but I wasn’t actually applying all the knowledge I had. 

I “KNEW” it, but I didn’t “DO” it!

And I’m certain that maybe you can relate to that. 

I was so caught up in “taking action” and "hustling" that I wasn’t doing the work to get into alignment with what I really wanted my life to be. 

Now, don’t get me wrong... you need to take action.  

Maybe you’ve been TRYING to make things happen… but nothing is actually shifting in your life the way you want it to. 

Your inner knowing knows there’s a better way; an easier way. 

Then you found me. You were lead to this page.

Trust me, I've been in your shoes. I understand your struggles.

I had to hit rock bottom before things turned around for me... and I hope you don't have to experience that before making this kind of shift. 

I just knew if I could master this stuff, I could then master anything in my life! 

So what changed for me?

I simplified everything!

I compiled years of information, insights, and proven practices that I mastered over the last decade to created a program that actually gets results. I started doing the inner work and got amazing results... and so did my clients! 

That’s what I’m sharing with you! 

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Manifestation of your dream life & business can be simple.

Creating the life of your wildest dreams is so much simpler than you think!

We make things harder than they really are. We try something once or twice (without giving it the time it really takes to see the results) and then say it doesn’t work.

We give up before we make it. 

Then we fall back into our old patterns and continue to live the same life over and over again, while being dissatisfied with the results you got. 

Stop making it complicated.

Stop feeling lost. 

It’s your time to go for it and just make it happen!

I’m just a girl who decided to make it happen.

I did the inner work. I’m still doing the inner work.

And my results changed drastically when I committed to the changes I teach in this course.

Now it’s your time to go for it!

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of Step into Your Power Academy!

It's time to choose to improve your life now and forever...

Step Into Your Power Academy is a 4-module online course taught exclusively by Natalie Schlute, Intuitive Mindset Coach and Transformation Expert. Natalie gives you the essentials of what you need in an easy to digest format that is simple and effective. You will get the short cuts to mastering your life.

In this course, you will get over 20 educational videos that you watch on your own time schedule, 4 workbooks to help you learn, reflect, and digest the information into your life more quickly, get a downloadable guided hypnosis meditation that will skyrocket your success, learn how to follow your intuition and reprogram your mindset, and get access to a private Facebook community where you can ask questions about the process, get clarification, and connect with like-minded individuals.


In Module One, you will get clarity on how you the co-creator of your life and determine what you truly want. This is the foundation of knowledge you need to be successful.

  • You'll learn the process of how to manifest your dreams
  • Get clarity on how to bridge the gap between you and the infinite intelligence of the Universe
  • Learn the #1 way to keep you moving in the right direction every day
  • You will get crystal clear on your vision for every area of your life
  • You will start to raise your level of consciousness 
  • And begin a powerful hypnosis practice for the month that will skyrocket your success!


In Module Two, you will be moving into your power and learning how to truly master your life! This section is all about reprogramming your subconscious mind.

  • You'll get create your "New You" based on your life vision
  • Learn powerful tools for breaking down the limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back from what you truly want
  • Learn the top ways we unconsciously self-sabotage
  • You'll start to dig deep into re-training your subconscious mind for success
  • Start to implement the two most powerful practices for making massive shifts in your life


In Module Three, you’ll be ready to take action and start tapping into your intuition with confidence. Learn how to take massive, aligned action.

  • You'll learn how to get what you want even faster with Quantum Manifestation
  • Learn the #1 thing that slows people down in creating massive success
  • Learn how to get into alignment in under a minute
  • Get clarity on taking inspired action
  • Start to master your intuitive skills to help you make better decisions every day


In Module Four, your work goes deeper into what to expect as it relates to the rhythm of your life and dealing with others. This where your new reality is solidified in abundance.

  • You'll learn how to see your signs that things are working or not working for you
  • Learn how to deal tough situations when you feel like life isn't going your way
  • Learn how to deal with the difficult people in your life
  • Understand the 12 Universal Laws of the Universe that are effecting you every day
  • Learn how to create a safe space for you to thrive


  • How to Meditate for Beginners - Learn the basics of how to meditate (includes video & 2 guided meditations)
  • Powerful Walking Meditation for Success -Reprogram your mind and body for massive success! (includes video & a guided meditation)
  • Creative Visualization Mastery - Learn how to master your creative visualization process with expert secrets
  • Digital Vision Boarding - Learn how to create digital vision boards for your phone and computer to neuro-reprogram your mind

Become the best version of yourself, and start to experience a life beyond your wildest dreams!



Over 20 Video Trainings (4 Modules) ($4,997) 

4 LIVE Q&A Sessions ($3,997) 

4 Transformational Workbooks ($797) 

Exclusive Members Only Facebook Group ($497) 

1 Powerful Hypnosis & 3 Guided Meditations ($175) 

Bonus #1: How to Meditate ($197) 

Bonus #2: Walking Meditation ($97)

Bonus #3: Digital Vision Boarding ($147) 

Bonus #4:  Visualization Mastery ($147) 

TOTAL VALUE: $11,051





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Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to the to the course immediately after purchase and have lifetime access.

You will be prompted to create a login to access your course on, so that you can access the course in the member's only portal. You will also receive a welcome email inviting you to the Private VIP Facebook Group.

You will get access to Over 20 videos (4 modules) , 4 transformational workbooks that will help you dig deep and assist you in applying the manifestation practices. This program also includes a powerful hypnosis to program your mind for success and includes many bonuses.

To Up-Level your circle of influence, you will get access to a Private VIP Facebook Group where you can connect with other members of the course, get support, celebrate your wins, have questions answered, and receive important updates.

You will have lifetime access to the course, Facebook group, as well as your bonuses (including any future updates to the course).

No worries! I think we all understand that life can be busy. You can move at your own pace, watch the videos and do the coursework in as little or as much time as you need. The information in the course is timeless and can be repeated over and over again if you like (Repetition is recommended for best retention). It’s best to go at a pace that works best for you. Each time you choose to repeat the course, you will find new “ah-ha” moments and have a deeper understanding of how it all applies to your life. 

You will have lifetime access to the course, including any changes or upgraded material.

Yes, you can choose the 3 payment option of $177 a month for 3 months or 1 payment of $497. These payment plans are only available for a limited time.

Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee from the time of purchase for the "Step into Your Power Academy". This course is designed for people who are serious about making lasting change and taking responsibility for their life.

In order to qualify for a course refund, you must have watched all the course videos, completed the 4 workbooks, taken action, and applied the material.

You must also get on the phone with me personally to talk about why you are not satisfied. It is my goal to provide the best quality courses and transformation possible for my students. So if there is something I can do to improve the course or your learning experience, I'd like to hear your feedback personally.

If you are 100% committed, apply all of the principles, and follow the processes, you will experience more success than you’ve ever seen before. But because I can’t guarantee that you’ll apply everything, I cannot guarantee you’ll get results. You are the only one that can guarantee results by taking full responsibility for your life and actions. Transformations do occur quickly, but results will vary.

Yes! Life is lived in the now. If you want to get amazing results and experience great success in the near future, now is the best time to get started. The longer you wait, the longer you are pushing out experiencing a life greater than you have imagined. 



  • Excited to make positive changes in your life
  • Ready to do whatever it takes
  • Committed to yourself to change your life forever
  • Eager to learn and apply new knowledge & skills
  • Not afraid to admit that you want MORE out of life
  • Ready to stop making excuses about why you can’t have it all
  • Someone who sees this as an investment in your future


  • Not ready to take responsibility for your life
  • Someone who wants to continue blaming other things for why your life isn’t working
  • You have an attitude of, “I already know that”
  • Looking for me to solve all your problems for you
  • Interested in therapy instead of coaching your life to the next level
  • Looking for a quick fix instead of applying yourself
  • Someone who wants to stay the same but get different results

So, if you’ve made it this far…

It’s probably because you’re considering enrolling in “Step into Your Power Academy” 

You might be asking yourself, "Will this really work?" or "How is this different from other courses?"

I know we don’t know each other personally yet, but I can promise you this: I’m giving you everything I know to help you transform your reality as quickly and easily as possible.

I’ve put a lot of thought, time, energy, knowledge, experience, and love into this course for you. I’m laying it all out for you as simply and clearly as I can.

I want your journey to be easier than mine. I’ve done it the hard way, and I’ve done it the easy way. I want your experience to be the easy way.

I know this is a commitment, and you might be feeling a little fearful or overwhelmed…

But let me ask you a question...

Are you getting the amazing results you want?

If you’re not…

Why not give it a try? Why not play full out? 

You have more to gain that you have to lose.

If you’re afraid to try something new… then you may never experience the success you’re looking for.

It’s the truth.


But first you must show up for me, and Push That SIGN UP Button. The law of attraction doesn’t work without action!

YES! I’m So Ready To Manifest My Dream Life!




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