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Manifest Love & Healthy Relationships NOW in one Mini-Course!


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Everything you need to manifest your soulmate, remove your love blocks, & keep your relationship healthy forever! 

You are ALWAYS Worthy & Deserving of Experiencing LOVE

Stop Struggling, Doubting, or Questioning Where Your Soulmate is...  

Join Manifesting Love & Healthy Relationships Today... 

Manifesting Love Includes...

✔️ The 20 Essential Video Training to Manifest Love through the Law of Attraction and Build Essential Communication Skills to Keep Your Love for a Lifetime!

     ♥ Manifesting Love & The Law of Attraction - Learn how the law of attraction specifically applies to manifesting love

     ♥ Karma, Soulmates, & Past Lives  - Understand how energetic karmic ties can affect your current love experience

     ♥ Programming for Attracting Love - Experience a permanent love transformation

     ♥ Patterns, Blocks, & Intuition - Uncover your love blocks & follow your intuition 

     ♥ Healing Past Love Wounds - Overcome past pain to make way for a quantum leap in love

     ♥ Dating Essentials - Mastering all the important elements of dating in the modern age

     ♥ Relationship Myths - Let go of any lies & myths that are holding back

     ♥ Communication Types - Heal through learning your communication type & your partners

     ♥ Break-Up Predictors - Prevent break-ups by knowing & avoiding what tears relstionships down

     ♥ Creating Long-Lasting Marriage - Scientifically proven ways to keep relationships happy & healthy for a lifetime

     ♥ Filling Your Love Tank - Know how you and your partner receive & give love differently

✔️ 2 Transformational Workbooks to help you integrate the lessons & master manifesting love

   ♥ Journal Prompts

   ♥ Healthy Communication Guides

   ♥ Video Training Summaries

✔️ 101 Love Affirmations to help you program your mind & soul to be a magnet for love

✔️ 4 Guided Meditations 

   ♥ Attracting Love Meditation

   ♥ Visualizing Meditation

   ♥ Healing Love Wounds Meditation

   ♥ Self-Love Meditation


Becoming a magnet for love is easier than you think... 

I had an emotional love block for 7 years & when I decided to finally manifest my soulmate...

I met him in less than 3 months of setting my love intention!

Your higher self, your soul, is energetically connected to everything in the Universe... 

including the soulmate love of your life!

Your love is waiting for you right now...

I remember the days when I had so much pain from heartbreak that I swore off men for 7 years!

I had been so badly hurt that I didn't ever want to let someone in again.

I didn't think I could handle another heartbreak...

Have you ever felt that way?

One day, I made the decision that I was finally ready...

I was going to manifest my soulmate husband!

I got crystal clear on who he was, what he would be like, and who I needed to become in order to receive him.

I wrote everything out on a piece of paper and released the outcome to the Universe...

3 months later I met my twin flame soulmate husband!!! (We've had many lifetimes together)

It was like a scene from a movie where the clouds part...

The sun is shining so bright you can't see (and we were inside!)...

And I even heard angelic harps playing! (I'm not joking!!)...

I wish I could tell you everything was perfect from this point on, but it wasn't!

There were a lot of lessons I needed to learn about trust, communication, and letting my guard down.

My husband and I have been together for a decade now, and there were so many lessons we learned the hard way.

Now I get to share all the lessons with you so that you don't have to struggle as long as I did!

All the lessons in manifesting and not only attracting a relationship but also how to make a relationship last!

Attracting someone is one thing...

Bringing a soulmate in is another...

And keeping a relationship happy for a lifetime is another...

This course gives you all the secrets!

See What My Students Are Saying:

Nina Moore 

"I finally manifested a real soulmate into my life as a single mother in my 30s. I had visions of past lives we had together and have been learning so much from this relationship. It's amazing to experience the same karmic patterns that still need to be healed in this lifetime that were repeated from the past. My communication skills are improving every day, and I'm learning how to be more vulnerable and trusting in my feminine energy. I'm now experiencing that deep love I've always wanted!"

Susan Oldenkamp

"Natalie is my go-to gal for everything that involves love! She has such a wonderful way of wording things to help me communicate better in the dating world. Speaking my truth isn't something I've always been able to do, but Natalie has helped me find my voice and create healthier communication patterns in my current relationships. I'm so grateful for her wisdom. She is wise beyond her year! You can tell she's been doing this work for many lifetimes!"

Lucianna Winger 

“I manifested healing my ex-boyfriend relationship! I realized I had been holding a lot of deep sadness, which was holding me back. I thought he had blocked me. We hadn't talked in two months. I spent a few days manifesting by feeling so alive physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, I prayed a simple prayer last night about this as well, to have healing... this morning he called me to check in on me, see how I was doing, and apologize for his past reactions and make it clear he still wants to remain friends.”

Regular Price $397

Just 3 installments of $77

(OR Pay in Full and SAVE for ONLY $197)


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