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It Is Time To Manifest The Deep Love You've Been Craving:

"manifest your soulmate & create a deeply loving & lasting relationship now!"


Becoming a magnet for love is easier than you think... 

I had an emotional love block for 7 years & when I decided to finally manifest my soulmate...

I met him in less than 3 months of setting my love intention!

Your higher self, your soul, is energetically connected to everything in the Universe... 

including the soulmate love of your life!

Your love is waiting for you right now...

I remember the days when I had so much pain from heartbreak that I swore off men for 7 years!

I had been so badly hurt that I didn't ever want to let someone in again.

I didn't think I could handle another heartbreak...

Have you ever felt that way?

One day, I made the decision that I was finally ready...

I was going to manifest my soulmate husband!

I got crystal clear on who he was, what he would be like, and who I needed to become in order to receive him.

I wrote everything out on a piece of paper and released the outcome to the Universe...

3 months later I met my twin flame soulmate husband!!! (We've had many lifetimes together)

It was like a scene from a movie where the clouds part...

The sun is shining so bright you can't see (and we were inside!)...

And I even heard angelic harps playing! (I'm not joking!!)...

I wish I could tell you everything was perfect from this point on, but it wasn't!

There were a lot of lessons I needed to learn about trust, communication, and letting my guard down.

My husband and I have been together for a decade now, and there were so many lessons we learned the hard way.

Now I get to share all the lessons with you so that you don't have to struggle as long as I did!

All the lessons in manifesting and not only attracting a relationship but also how to make a relationship last!

Attracting someone is one thing...

Bringing a soulmate in is another...

And keeping a relationship happy for a lifetime is another...

This course gives you all the secrets!

See What My Students Are Saying:


"I've learned how to communicate my feelings in an honorable way."

"Natalie has truly improved my love life on so many levels with her support and advice. I've learned how to have vulnerable and authentic adult conversations with partners about my expectations and what I need. It has completely changed my experience in the dating world for the better."

Lizzie Sande

Dancer & Actress

"I now have so much clarity around my love life and embodying the person I need to be."

"Natalie's course and coaching have helped me get clear on what I want in a future partner and who I need to be to receive that partner. There's so much healing in this journey, and the "Healing Love Wounds" meditation was really incredible too. I healed multiple past love wounds with this one meditation alone!"

Allison Sande



Everything you need to manifest your soulmate, remove your love blocks, & keep your relationship healthy forever! 

You are ALWAYS Worthy & Deserving of Experiencing LOVE

Stop Struggling, Doubting, or Questioning Where Your Soulmate is...  

Join Manifesting Love & Healthy Relationships Today... 

Manifesting Love Includes...

✔️ 2 Modules with 20 Essential Video Training to Manifest Love through the Law of Attraction and Build Essential Communication Skills to Keep Your Love for a Lifetime!

✔️ 2 Transformational Workbooks to help you integrate the lessons & master manifesting love

   ♥ Journal Prompts

   ♥ Healthy Communication Guides

   ♥ Video Training Summaries

✔️ 111 Love Affirmations to help you program your mind & soul to be a magnet for love

✔️ Love Maps Workbook to build a deeper connection with your partner

✔️ 6 Guided Meditations 

   ♥ Attracting Love Meditation

   ♥ Visualizing Meditation

   ♥ Healing Love Wounds Meditation

   ♥ Self-Love Meditation

   ♥ 2 Self-Confidence Meditation

✔️ BONUS: 2 Group Coaching Zoom Calls with Natalie to get all of your questions about love, relationships, and communication answered

✔️ BONUS: Intuition Mastery Course to help you follow your higher soul guidance and make the best decisions in your love life


SEE what's waiting for you inside once you enroll…

Module 1: Manifesting & Attracting Love

Module 1 - Training 1:


The Secrets of Your Divine Connection & How to Manifest Faster!

Understanding the foundation of how the law of attraction works is essential for manifesting the soulmate love you're looking for...

This training gives you everything you need to understand manifestation on a practical level that applies to your life and love!

No more confusion over who you're attracting into your life or why things are manifesting differently than you thought they would.


✔️ The Foundation of the Law of Attraction and how it applies to love

✔️ What turns you into a love magnet

✔️ What repels love

✔️ How self-love influences what you manifest

Module 1 - Training 2:


Getting Grounded in How & Why Relationships Are The Way They Are

There are a lot of misconceptions about karma, soulmates, sacred contracts that we come into this lifetime with, and how our free will comes into play with manifesting love.

That's exactly why I created this training!

It's important for you to understand the spiritual side of relationships so that you're not holding onto belief systems around relationships that are blocking you from receiving the love you truly deserve.


✔️ What Karma is + how it applies to relationships

✔️ Sacred Contracts

✔️ Relationship Patterns

✔️ Soulmates

✔️ Free Will

✔️ Relationship Goals

Module 1 - Training 3:


Understanding The Subconscious Mind Is The Key To Transformation

We all have a "Love Identity" in how we see ourselves in relationships...

What are your beliefs about dating or marriage?

What did you experience watching relationships around you as a child?

Which of your relationships have defined your belief systems around love?

Your love identity is an essential part of understanding why you attract what you do in your love life.

If you don't understand your own patterns, you don't have the power to change.

This is the most powerful thing you can ever learn or understand about manifesting anything... including LOVE!



✔️ Your Identity Around Love

✔️ Belief Systems

✔️ The Subconscious Mind

✔️ Thought Patterns

✔️ The Process of Programming

Module 1 - Training 4:


To Change Your Patterns You Must Change The Programs In Your Mind & Body

Now that you've learned how your subconscious mind and identity work in the previous training...

You're ready to reprogram your mind and body to align with that beautiful future filled with love & deep connection.

By healing the past, you are no longer triggered by old love wounds.

By stepping into the greatest version of yourself, you're ready to support a new (or current) partner at the high level that they are ready to receive.

You get what you give in relationships, and this programming process will change your life!


✔️ Finding Your Belief Systems

✔️ Limiting Belief Examples

✔️ Breaking Down The Beliefs

✔️ Getting Leverage

✔️ Using Affirmations

✔️ Programming in Hypnosis

Module 1 - Training 5:


Learn Dozens of Relationship Patterns That Help You Assess Your Habits

We all have unconscious patterns that are blocking us from receiving what we truly want.

These patterns and blocks are the "blind spots" that you don't know you have until you learn what they are and then reflect on your life.

This is one of the most powerful pieces of training in this course because you will finally have all the insights you need to course-correct your specific love blocks...

And I teach you the basics of navigating your intuition to make the best choices in your relationships.


✔️ Evaluating Common Patterns in Relationships

✔️ Assessing Healthy Love Qualities

✔️ Reflecting on Possible Love Blocks

✔️ Following Your Intuition

Module 1 - Training 6:


Stop Doing Things That Repel Potential New Partners + Get Them To Want You

There are proven strategies that will get potential partners in the dating world to feel calm and comfortable around you.

Using techniques that build rapport on a subconscious level while improving your dating conversation is the perfect recipe for getting your date to call you back asap!

Building a long-term healthy relationship takes time, but you have to nail the "audition" first to get there. 

This training is essential for all singles in the dating world.


✔️ Six Ways to Make People Like You

✔️ Building Rapport with New People

✔️ Non-Verbal Communication Patterns

✔️ Technology Habits with Texting + SM

"I finally manifested a real soulmate into my life as a single mother in my 30s."

"I had visions of past lives we had together and have been learning so much from this relationship. It's amazing to experience the same karmic patterns that still need to be healed in this lifetime that were repeated from the past. My communication skills are improving every day, and I'm learning how to be more vulnerable and trusting in my feminine energy. I'm now experiencing that deep love I've always wanted!"

Nina Moore 

Wedding Planner & Design

Module 2: Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Module 2 - Training 1:


Don't Be Fooled By Common Misconceptions Around Relationships

There are so many myths and misconceptions that we learn about love throughout our lives.

We're programmed to believe relationships are meant to be a certain way by our parents, religion, movies, and TV. 

Many of these belief systems hold us back from being in our power and creating the kind of love that's truly fulfilling.

It's time to dispel these myths once and for all!


✔️ Top 24 Most Common Myths Around Dating, Love, Marriage, Soulmates, and How People Think Relationships Are “Suppose To Be” But Actually Aren’t

Module 2 - Training 2:


Learn The Variety of Ways We Each Process Information For Better Communication

Did you know that there are multiple ways to listen and communicate?

You may be trying to communicate something to your partner in a way that seems clear to you...

But they may not be receiving what you're saying because they need things explained in a different way for their mind to conceptualize the message.

When you learn how to listen and communicate in your partner's language, suddenly misunderstandings and hurt feelings become less frequent.

Master these communication types to support the long-term health of your relationships.


✔️ Understanding Emotional Intelligence

✔️ 4 Types of Communicators + How To Speak To Each Type

✔️ 3 Types of Listening Styles

Module 2 - Training 3:


If You Don't Know These 5 Predictors... There's a Good Chance You'll Stay in a Relationship Too Long!

There are certain types of communication patterns that are doomed for failure!

If you're experiencing any of the top 5 predictors of divorce + break-ups, then your relationships are in serious trouble...

These are patterns you might be doing in every relationship and don't even know it.

These are learned patterns from observing or being in unhealthy relationships...

And it's essential that you recognize if these are patterns you're experiencing and either immediately change them or get out of that relationship if your partner isn't willing to change.

Knowing these patterns can save you years of unnecessary manipulative and verbally abusive relationships.


✔️ The Science Behind How The Top 5 Predictors of Break-up Were Discovered

✔️ How Each of the Top 5 Predictors Show Up in Relationships

✔️ How To Implement Strategies That Heal These Patterns

Module 2 - Training 4:


Learn How To Communicate In Ways That Your Partner Will Feel Safe

It's easy to, "just be honest" when communicating with your partner...

But how are your words and energy being received?

Do they feel safe with you in expressing their thoughts and feelings?

Do you feel safe in return?

A high-quality relationship is one where both partners are mindful of how they speak to each other, create a safe space to talk about anything and use healthy strategies for resolving conflict.

This training gives you all the core concepts and tools to improve all of your relationships.


✔️ Tools for Better Communication

✔️ Techniques for Talking About Things That Bother You

✔️ How To Reframe Your Statements

✔️ Identifying & Expressing Your Emotions with Clarity

Module 2 - Training 5:


Master Proven Habits For Creating Long-Term Happy Relationships

Over decades of studies with hundreds of couples... there are common patterns that are present in every marriage that works.

When you know what works, you can replicate it and master it in your own relationships.

Relationships don't have to be complicated. 

But they do have to have a foundation of friendship, mutual trust, and strategies that consistently work for moving through conflict. 

All of which we cover in this training.


 ✔️ How to Connect More Deeply to Your Partner

 ✔️ Problem-Solving as a Couple

 ✔️ Overcoming Gridlock

 ✔️ Creating Mutual Respect & Understanding

Module 2 - Training 6:


Know How To Give And Receive Love Through Your Unique Love Language

We all give and receive love differently.

If you don't know how you receive love, then you don't know how to communicate your needs to your partner and ask specifically for what heals your heart.

The opposite is also true. If you don't know what your partner needs, then they may not be getting what they need to feel loved in the relationship.

By knowing your love language and your partner's love language, you can both fulfill each other's needs to keep the love alive!


✔️ 5 Love Languages

✔️ How to Identify Your Love Language & Your Partner’s Love Language

✔️ How to Give to Your Partner so They Feel Loved

Module 1 - Training 7:


Intimacy Is Essential For Creating A Deep And Lasting Relationship

Intimacy comes from sharing all of yourself with your partner.

It's the ability to express yourself fully and receive your partner fully as well.

There are many layers to intimacy, which is why I created this specific training.

Feeling comfortable and going deep emotionally, sexually, and financially are all essential in a long-lasting marriage with your partner.

If these areas are uncomfortable for you to talk about, then there's definitely some work to do in creating more transparency and exploring your confidence.


✔️ Defining Intimacy

✔️ Pillars of Creating Intimacy

✔️ Sexual Intimacy

✔️ Erotic Blueprints

✔️ Sex Conversations

✔️ Financial Communication

✔️ Budgeting Basics

Regular Price $397

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Transformation Guarantee

That Lets You Sleep Easily At Night!

I know that if you apply everything in this course, YOU WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LOVE LIFE FOREVER!

But I also understand that this is a commitment, and perhaps you still have a bit of doubt. Hesitation. Risk. I get it. Like…

"This sounds too good to be true! How do I know for sure this will work for me?”

Well… it’s simple. Try it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Experience The Program for 7 Days

When you enroll, you’ll have 7 days to go through EVERYTHING inside the program, and if you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made towards transforming your love life, simply email our team at [email protected] and we’ll gladly get the refund process started for you.

This program is designed to get results, and we only want you to join if you're ready to step up and TRANSFORM your love life! In order to receive a refund, you must have watched all course videos, completed all workbooks, meditations, and applied the material to your life.

Then you will get on a zoom call with Natalie to discuss why you are not 100% satisfied with the program. We believe this program to be one of THE BEST in the marketplace, and if there's something we can do better we want to know what it is.

There is no guarantee for instant results in one week--for obvious reasons--but we do guarantee that you will learn all of the essential skills you need to attract love, heal your love wounds, build confidence, and have improved communication skills to help keep love around for a lifetime!

"Natalie taught me how to recognize patterns and heal them."

"Natalie was 100% there for me during my first long-term relationship. She helped me understand both the healthy and unhealthy patterns in myself and in my partner, which allowed me to heal and process things faster than I ever could have imagined. I'm so grateful for all the wisdom she has brought to my life."

Peyton Roney



"Natalie is my go-to gal for everything that involves love!"

"She has such a wonderful way of wording things to help me communicate better in the dating world. Speaking my truth isn't something I've always been able to do, but Natalie has helped me find my voice and create healthier communication patterns in my current relationships. I'm so grateful for her wisdom. She is wise beyond her year! You can tell she's been doing this work for many lifetimes!"

Susan Oldenkamp




I GET IT! Sometimes you can do all of the exercises, practices, and journaling you want... But YOU STILL NEED HELP! 

That's Exactly Why I Added Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls face-to-face with me personally. I want YOU TO FEEL SUPPORTED in your journey. 

Manifesting Love Can Be Confusing at Times. That's Why I Want To Be There For You, and Coaching on Zoom is The Best Way To Do That!

  • 2x Zoom Group Coaching Calls with Natalie 

  • Calls are scheduled at various times to accommodate different time zones

  • Option to submit questions ahead of time if you aren't able to make it live on the coaching call

  • Access to replays of all the coaching calls

“I'm thriving in my career now that my personal life is healthier because of Natalie's coaching."

“My personal relationships were interfering with my ability to show up for my business. I'm so thankful for Natalie’s teachings because I feel more confident about myself and my ability to work through emotions, instead of just shove things down and keep moving. I have a lot more clarity moving forward in relationships, which has cleared space to be more present and thrive in my business.”

—Kate Waldo
Entrepreneur & Business Strategist



Your soul is speaking to you every day trying to guide you in the best direction for your life and love.

The messages come through in subtle shifts of energy that you feel in your body or a voice in your mind or even a vision or knowing.

We all have unique ways of receiving divine guidance from our higher soul self.

Mastering channeling your own higher self is the fastest way to make the right decisions in your love life.

That's why I felt it was essential for you to have this very special bonus that teaches you everything you need to know about experiencing and following your intuition every day.



✔️ 8 Essential Video Trainings

✔️ Transformational Workbook

✔️ Intuitive Questioning Meditation

✔️ How To Meditate

✔️ Daily Meditation

✔️ Calm Meditation


When you join Manifesting Love & Healthy Relationships, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to Manifest Your Soulmate, Build Long Lasting Skills Healthy Relationships, and Trust Your Intuition Every Step of The Way!

Manifesting Love Includes...

✔️ 2 Modules with 20 Essential Trainings to Manifest Love through the Law of Attraction and Build Essential Communication Skills to Keep Your Love for a Lifetime!

(Value $1,000)

✔️ 4 Transformational Workbooks to help you integrate the lessons & master manifesting love

(Value $222)

  ✔️ 6 Guided Meditations to heal old wounds and manifest love

(Value $333)

✔️ BONUS: 2 Group Coaching Zoom Calls with Natalie to get all of your questions about love, relationships, and communication answered

(Value $555)

✔️ BONUS: Intuition Mastery Course to help you follow your higher soul guidance and make the best decisions in your love life

 (Value $555)


Everything You Recieve Today is Valued at $2,665! And You Can Get All Of Manifesting Love & Healthy Relationships 

Starting At $77 TODAY!

Regular Price $397

Just 3 installments of $77

(OR Pay in Full and SAVE for ONLY $197)


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“I manifested healing my ex-boyfriend relationship!"

"I realized I had been holding a lot of deep sadness, which was holding me back. I thought he had blocked me. We hadn't talked in two months. I spent a few days manifesting by feeling so alive physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, I prayed a simple prayer last night about this as well, to have healing... this morning he called me to check in on me, see how I was doing, and apologize for his past reactions and make it clear he still wants to remain friends.” 

Lucianna Winger 

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