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Everything you need to master experiencing, following, & trusting your intuition   in 7 days! 

Instead of Continuing to Question Your Intuition Day After Day and Struggling to Find Your Manifestation Flow...  

Join Intuitive Mastery Today... 

Intuition Mastery Includes...

✔️ The 8 Essential Video Training to master your divine higher self intuition & all of your Clair-senses

     ♦︎ Your Connection To The Universe - Discover how your energy field can tap into the higher realms

     ♦︎ The Bridge To Everything You Want - Learn the most powerful part of your consciousness that will help you manifest and reach your goals

     ♦︎ Self Awareness & Intuition - Learn the simple secret to tapping into your higher self awareness

     ♦︎ How To Meditate - Understand and practice clearing your mind to be able to receive intuitive information daily

     ♦︎ Your Clair-Senses - Take a deep dive into understanding all of your Clair-senses and how they show up intuitively for you (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairempath, Claircognizance, Clairsentience)

     ♦︎ Intuitive Questioning Process - My signature practice that I created years ago to master my own intuition

     ♦︎ Taking Inspired Action - How to recognize intuitive nudges and take the actions that actually get results!

     ♦︎ The Power of Surrender - How to master the most important part of intuition and manifestation

✔️ Transformational Workbooks to help you master your intuition faster

     ♦︎ Journal Prompts

     ♦︎ Video Training Summaries

✔️ 4 Guided Meditations to help you master your state of mind for channeling your intuition

     ♦︎ Intuitive Questioning Meditation

     ♦︎ How To Meditate

     ♦︎ Daily Meditation

     ♦︎ Calm Meditation


Your higher self, your soul, is energetically connected to everything in the Universe... and has access to all information from all dimensions of time and space...

This Undeniable Truth shows us that we all have an Inner Wisdom through our Intuition that is far more powerful than the rational, logical mind.

As a baby, you naturally experienced the world with your intuition.

There was an energetic exploration with the world around you that you experienced with all of your senses.

Then, when you were a child, you were trained to stop expressing yourself freely and instead listen to your "authorities".

You were programmed out of experiencing and following your intuition.

You were programmed into listening to other people's voices, directions, and belief systems.

This is why most people listen to the voice in their mind and make all their life decisions based on that internal dialogue.

But what you may not realize is, that internal dialogue isn't even yours!

Your internal dialogue is a collection of belief systems from the collective consciousness and those that you were brought up by.

Over 90% of your thoughts were not created from you, but they were created by others and your mind picked it up and started repeating it.

So you think you're making conscious decisions, but you're actually making decisions based on your programming.

In order to start following your Higher Self Soul Intuition, that divine wisdom within you right now, you must re-train yourself to experience, acknowledge, and follow your intuition daily.

And that's exactly what I teach you to do inside Intuition Mastery.

It’s time to take your power back! 

(and follow that intuitive guidance!) 

You deserve to have an amazing life filled will all of your manifestations!

See What My Students Are Saying:

Elizabeth Sande

"I used to worry about everything. I was always wondering if I was making the right decision or not. There was so much fear around making the wrong decision on my life path. With Natalie's training, things are finally changing for me. I am able to recognize divine guidance when I'm in alignment. It's amazing! The experience is so different than what I thought it would be. I'm so grateful for Natalie's guidance. I couldn't do this without her!"

Viktoriya Nevrov

“My intuition definitely has evolved. Mostly because I'm able to trust the sensations more. Before, it felt a little bit like, “Am I losing my mind? Or am I actually sensing things?” Working with Natalie has made me more confident in what I’m actually seeing and sensing. I'm able to trust myself with my intuition now. Before, I could easily justify or rationalize intuitive nudges away, but now the intuition has become so strong that I can't really rationalize. It's such a strong sensation.”

Nicole Manning

"Learning Natalie's intuitive practices was one of the most powerful parts of her program. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the possibilities of the future, but when you stop and just follow your intuition, everything in life seems so much clearer and easier. It's been truly wonderful exploring the different ways intuition shows up for me in my life through all of my clair-senses. I'm so grateful for this skill set that I will take with me for the rest of my life."

Just one installment of $147

(Lifetime Access for ONLY $147 Today!)


NOTE: All purchases of products or services with Natalie Schlute through Miracle Ministry are by donation, gift, or contribution, and therefore 100% tax-deductible write-offs.