Aligning with Your Ideal Client

This mini-course is perfect for entrepreneurs who desire to be more spiritually aligned in their business and make better decisions with ease.

Do you feel confused about who your ideal client is? 

Do you feel like you're being a "people pleaser" trying to get clients in the door?

Many of us have patterns of trying to please others. It started when we were kids, and we wanted love from our parents. So, we acted a certain way in order to please them and receive love.

This is a common pattern that many of us unconsciously do in various areas of our lives all the way through our adult years.

This pattern can show up in the choice of your career and how you choose to structure your business.

You may choose a career or business because it will make you "successful" or you think you "should" because your parents would approve of it.

You may believe you have to work really hard to survive or be wealthy, so you design your business in way that you're working 80 hours a week and aren't enjoying life instead of designing your business around how you want to experience life.

These are unconscious patterns that many of us are not aware of until you start asking yourself some deep questions.

So let me ask you a few questions right now...

Do you feel completely authentic, comfortable in your skin, and without a worry in the world when you talk to your clients?

Or do worry if they'll buy your product or service, stress about asking for their CC number, or wonder if they're going to like what you have to offer?

Did you choose your career because it fills your soul beyond words?

Or did you choose it because thought it would make you "successful", please your family, or just seemed like a good fit but isn't truly fulfilling?

First... Get Aligned...

In order to get aligned with your ideal client, you must first be aligned with you and your business.

You must be passionate about what you do. It must fill your soul and create the life that you desire (fulfilling, ideal income, & lifestyle).

Because when you are aligned with you and your business first, your clients can feel it!

When you fully embrace your true, authentic self and speak from the heart, your ideal client will naturally be drawn to you.

Simply be passionate about your mission and never compromise your own values.

By knowing who you are, what you stand for, and being clear with your message, you will build a unique brand that reflects you and your ideal clients.

This course is designed to guide you through the 3 steps to aligning you, your business, and your brand through a series of deep questions and a guided meditation to get you into alignment fast!

The 3 Step Process:

1) Connect With Your True Authentic Self & Desires For Your Business

2) Get Clarity On Who Your Ideal Client Is

3) Build Your Brand & Business That Serves You & Speaks To Your Ideal Client

This Course Includes...

  • A 15 Minute Video Tutorial

    • This video educates you on how to get into alignment with you, your business, & your ideal clients
  • 1 Powerful Guided Meditation

    • To quickly align your energy with your business & clients
  • A Workbook filled with 80 Deep Questions (This is where the magic happens as you explore your desires & get clarity on who you want to serve)

    This Workbook will help you...
    • Get clear on your mission & vision
    • Decide how you want to serve others
    • Determine how you want to help others transform their life in some way
    • Explore the language and messages you are communicating to your audience
    • Determine the type of environment you want to create for your clients
    • Decide what you are available for and not available for in your business
    • Decide what type of person your ideal client is
    • Determine what your clients biggest struggles are & how you can help them
    • Get clarity on the details of who you ideal clients is (age, gender, location, etc.)
    • Explore the details of how to design your brand, media platforms, and site for you and your clients

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