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"I was able to meet my spirit guides!"

“Before working with Natalie, I only experienced very ambiguous images and not a full picture in my meditations with the spiritual world… and literally, in the first week that I started working with Natalie, I began to actually see spirit guide figures, faces, and people with names and personalities. It just snowballed from there. I now have very specific spirit guides I’m working with that have beautiful missions in my life & powerful messages.”

Viktoriya Nevrov

"I manifested $30k in less than 2 weeks!"

“A family member needed finances for rehab recovery, and my sister and I were just absolutely terrified! We didn't know how we were going to pull this off. I wrote in my gratitude journal as Natalie teaches in the academy. I said, “I'm so grateful that the finances for this came through.” Then a few days later, the finances came through! We didn't have to take out a loan! It was going to be $30 grand, and we manifested it! It's crazy! “Manifestation Works!”

Elizabeth Sande

"Wealth was just coming to me in unexpected ways!"

“Since day one, I saw my financial struggles slowly fading away. Wealth was just coming to me from the most unexpected places. Some crazy opportunity happened, and my husband and I started our own small business (during COVID), which is doing really well during these pandemic times. I'm so thankful for that. Natalie was right... God brings you what you want or something better!”

Daneen Celaya

"Before working with Natalie, I had a lot of anxiety about my psychic abilities!"

“I have been working with Natalie on developing my intuition, psychic abilities, mediumship, life purpose, and manifestation. I used to be very afraid of (& had a lot of anxiety about) my psychic abilities. It was just very overwhelming. Natalie taught me how to not be afraid of my gifts. She has just been amazing in changing my perspective. She's really helped me develop my skills.”

Peyton Roney

"Natalie is my go-to gal for everything that involves my spirituality, health, & love!"

"It amazes me how she always knows what's going on with my body and can tell me exactly what protocol to do to heal the fastest! She's also my love doctor lol! She has such a wonderful way of wording things to help me communicate better in the dating world. Speaking my truth isn't something I've always been able to do to, but Natalie has helped me find my voice. I'm so grateful for her wisdom. She is wise beyond her years! You can tell she's been doing this work for many lifetimes!"

Susi Oldenkamp

"Natalie truly embodies her teachings & practices what she preaches."

“Natalie is so intuitive and connected. She not only teaches you how to do that yourself but models that for you in coaching sessions, which I think is awesome! Natalie is extremely connected with the spiritual realm and the beyond. I love her confidence in that. I feel she really walks in that boldly, and I feel like that's a gift of hers. As a Christian woman, I feel so much more connected to God through her guidance in channeling the holy spirit.”

Allison Sande